Leadership for the Future

Leadership in Prince George’s County means improving Education, Economic Development, Public Safety, and Quality of Life. Here are the ways I’ve tried to provide strong leadership:


  • Full funding of the Thornton Bill
  • Work to ensure every student becomes proficient in math and science while receiving a quality education
  • Attract and retain highly qualified teachers and principals and pay them like the professionals that they are
  • Work with County and School Board to ensure safe learning environment in our school

Economic Development

  • Create strong economic base that creates jobs for citizens and opportunities for the small business community
  • Create an environment where those seeking to become entrepreneurs can thrive
  • Bring economic vitality to the 26th Legislative District

Public Safety

  • Work to provide money to hire more police officers
  • Work with Police Chief to identify, and find solutions to 26th District “hot spots”
  • Work with State’s Attorney to increase the penalty for auto-theft

Quality of Life Issues

  • Pass legislation that will limit the rate and frequency of utility increases to residents and businesses
  • Work with the County Executive and the Economic Deveolpment Corportation to bring high quality retail and dining alternatives to the 26th Legistlative District
  • Work to extend metro across the Wilson Bridge

Strong Representation in Annapolis for Prince George's County